Home Ownership GA

Owning a home is a great opportunity for individuals in the state of Georgia. Listed below are some resources that will help you. Please take a moment to review.

Getting Started?

Housing counseling agencies offer guidance on homebuying, renting, reverse mortgages, and default and foreclosure prevention. Please visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) on "Advantages" and "Challenges" of homeownership... Additional links are provided below.

Housing Counseling Group

Lending Practices

Buying a Home?

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development offers resources and programs to help you buy and maintain your home as well as low-interest financing and homebuyer education... Please visit Homes and Communities "Homeownership GA" link... Homeownership Georgia

Buying - Renting - Maintaining ATL Home?

The decision to buy or rent depends on your current financial situation, your future plans and the lifestyle you want to live. Buying or renting have their own set of benefits and potential drawbacks that should be carefully evaluated. With the pleasure of owning a home comes the responsibility to maintain a clean and safe environment for you and/ or your family. Homes often need maintenance over the course of time. However, the time and effort placed in your personal property can be very rewarding. Please visit "Considering a Home - Buy or Rent" link... Homeownership - Buy or Rent

Georgia Resources?

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